New Construction Loans: 5 Reasons Why Midland Mortgage has the Best for You

New Construction Loans

New construction loans can be a bit trickier than the average person realizes. Especially if you don’t work with the right mortgage company to finance your new home construction. A Midland Mortgage new construction loan may be the best new construction loans for you – for all these reasons and more.

1. We know the lay of the land. We operate in several U.S. states, including South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia and understand the ins and outs of home construction in the areas we serve.

2. We work with you. We understand there are many things that go into keeping your interest rates low and will work with you to overcome challenges and obstacles so you can achieve your dream of getting a new construction home loan.

3. We offer many options to borrowers. While new construction loans are important services we offer the community, Midland Mortgage goes above and beyond to help you overcome credit challenges like poor credit, liens, bankruptcies, and more when exploring your options for South Carolina new construction loans.

4. We offer construction to permanent home financing. While some lenders require separate financing for the construction of the home and the actual mortgage, we offer transitional loans that carry you through both building your home and making it your own.

5. We believe in making the mortgage process as painless as possible. In fact, we offer resources to help keep the stress out of your mortgage buying experience whether you’re shopping for a first-time mortgage, new construction loan, or you’re modernizing your existing home.

Don’t let the fear of the mortgage process prevent you from achieving your dream of getting a new construction home loan. Call Midland Mortgage instead at 800-854-9484, and ask all the questions you have about new home construction loans and how we can help or visit us online today!

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