Is Your Home 3 Sizes Too Small? 3 Steps to Avoid Living Like a Grinch

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Is a new home on your mind this holiday season? Maybe this year Christmas won’t just come from a store – maybe Christmas this year should mean your home holds a little bit more. If your home feels three sizes too small, take a look at three steps to move to a new home that holds you all.

Step #1: Are You Ready to Move?

Assessing your current situation is the first step. Is your home too small, or is it simply too cluttered? Could you rearrange some rooms to find more space? Do you need to come up with new creative storage solutions? If you’ve done some careful consideration and your home is still too small to hold you all, maybe you should move to step two.

Step 2: Talk to a Mortgage Lender

The best way to determine if a bigger home is in your future is to talk to an expert. A mortgage lender can evaluate your financial situation and consider various loan options to help you decide if you’re ready for and able to afford a bigger home.

Step 3: Pre-Approval and House Hunting

If a move to a bigger house is the way to go, loan pre-approval will let you know if you can get the interest rate you’re hoping for. If all looks good, your realtor will show you houses in your price range and get you under contract with just the right fit. Then on to the loan finalization and closing on your new home.

If your home is three sizes too small, you don’t have to feel like the Grinch trying to fit in Whoville. Just reach out to the team at Midland Mortgage Corporation, and you could be in a new home that fits your family by Christmas. 

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