How to Shorten the Home Buying and Selling Process

Buying and Selling Process

Buying and selling a home can be a long, drawn-out process. If you’re selling one home and buying another, this can cause a big problem. Any gap in between the two can leave you temporarily homeless. But there are ways to shorten the process. Take a look.

Find a Good Realtor

Your realtor can make or break your home buying and selling process. Inexperienced or unmotivated realtors won’t work hard for you and you can lose out on potential buyers for your property and miss opportunities to find what you’re looking for. Make sure they know the areas you’re both selling and buying in.

Cut Down on Your Contingencies

Owning a home and including a sale contingency when trying to buy another one can slow down the process and reduce your chances of getting what you want. If you can, sell your existing home first, then shop for your new home. Include attractive terms to help you get the home you want. These are critical in a hot real estate market.

Get Pre-Qualified

Before you even begin to look at buying or selling a home, talk to a reliable mortgage broker. Pre-approval can help you figure out your budget, ensure you can afford what you’re looking for and will let sellers know that you’re a serious buyer ready to get their house under contract.

When you’re ready to buy a new home, simplify and shorten the process with the right team in your corner. Contact Midland Mortgage Corporation today to get started with your pre-approval so you can be in your new home as soon as possible.

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