5 Features of a Profitable Rental Property

Profitable Rental Property

Real estate can be lucrative, but there’s more to it than just making a profit. If you have a rental property or are looking to purchase one, a proper grasp of how it works is vital if you’re to make any money. Following are the characteristics of a profitable property;


When a tenant is looking for a rental house, location is usually the first consideration. It will determine the type of tenants you’ll have to deal with.

For instance, property located near a university or college will have students as most of the tenants. While that may not look like a problem, wait until the summer sets in and the student go home, and your rooms will be left vacant.

School District

If dealing with a rental property that targets families, you can be sure that the education facilities in the neighborhood will influence their decisions. The availability and quality of schools in the area will impact on the value of your investment.

Crime Rate

No sane person will choose a rental house in an area where homes are broken into every minute, and the odds are high you’ll be mugged at anytime. In such areas, you’ll have issues retaining tenants plus the rent cannot be high enough to clear your mortgage.


Assuming that you bought your rental property on a mortgage, the average house rent can tell the profitability of your investment. The amount should be enough to offset your mortgage, taxes and other fees associated with the ownership of property. If the target rental property does not meet requirements, look elsewhere.

Social Amenities

Rental properties located in areas with facilities like malls, parks, public transport hubs and all that can carry a hefty price tag. If you want to land a good deal, be the first to land those properties located near projected properties.

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