3 Reasons to Refinance Your Home

refinance your home

Refinancing a home has its pros and cons, but depending on your financial circumstances, it can be a smart way to save money. Whether you need to lower your payments or pay for home improvements, here are three good reasons to refinance your home.

1. To get a lower interest rate

The best reason to refinance a mortgage is to secure a lower interest rate on your loan. If interest rates have dropped or your credit score has improved, you can refinance your home to lower your monthly payments. This can help you save money and build equity in your home faster!

2. To shorten your loan term

Another good reason to refinance your home is to get a shorter term on your loan. When interest rates drop, refinancing your mortgage can net you a much shorter term with only a slight increase in your monthly payments. A major drop in your interest rate could even cut your payment term in half!

3. To pay off expenses

Some homeowners choose to tap into their home equity to cover other expenses like home improvement and debt. One way you can refinance your home to help you pay off expenses is by converting from an adjustable-rate mortgage to a fixed-rate mortgage. A predictable rate can put more money in your pocket when interest rates are rising. Plus, putting that extra money toward home renovations can further increase the value of your home!

Not sure if refinancing your home is the right strategy for you? Find more information on refinancing options at Midland Mortgage, or contact us if you have any questions. We look forward to working with you!

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