3 Advantages of Owning Your Home Rather Than Renting


Why not buy, and invest in property that’ll be your own?

It’s a good question, but it may seem like a pipe dream today.

Yet you probably can shift to ownership. And once you’re in your new home, you’ll likely be asking yourself why you didn’t make the change sooner!

Three Big Advantages to Shift From Renting to Homeownership.

1. Yes, equity. Over time, it becomes an ever-increasing financial boost to have gained something for the money you put into your living space.

2. The sense of stability that ownership provides. As a house or condo owner, you’re vested with a decision-making role in the place you call home.

3. Affordable monthly costs. This might come as a surprise. You can likely set up a monthly mortgage payment for about what you’re now paying in rent. A home is one of the few things in life for which borrowing makes strategic sense.

You Can Get There From Here.

If you’ve considered buying, it pays to get on the same page with a mortgage specialist sooner rather than later.

A mortgage expert knows how you can obtain affordable mortgage interest rates by improving your credit.

Tip: Have two or more top credit cards. Keep your balances low to boost your score. Great credit scores come to people who generally use 7 percent of their credit limit or less.

Here to Support Your Future.

At Midland Mortgage Corporation, we love smoothing out the rough edges of your adventure.

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