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Mortgage News

3 No-Nonsense Ways to Know You're Ready To Buy Your First Home

For the vast majority people, buying a home is one of the biggest financial decisions they'll make during their lifetime. Accordingly, purchasing a home is a decision that most people don't take lightly. If you're interested in purchasing a home for the first time, you may be wondering whether you're truly ready. Here are a few no-nonsense ways to know you're ready to buy your very first home. 

8 Ways to Consolidate Your Debt Like a Pro

If you have a lot of debt from various creditors, you might be wondering if debt consolidation is the right thing to do. After all, wouldn't it be much simpler to pay one bill instead of several?  

4 Things That Are Hurting Your Credit

A good credit score can help you do so many things - apply for a home loan, purchase a car, have a credit card for emergency situations or to cover the cost of travel. A bad credit score can negatively affect your life, from making it hard to purchase a home or vehicle or apply for credit in emergencies. You might not be aware of how much you could be hurting your credit score.