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Why Use a Wholesale Lender?

Why Use a Wholesale Lender?

A wholesale lender offers mortgage brokers and credit unions low cost mortgage loans.

Wholesale lenders are a valuable resource for mortgage brokers and credit unions when it comes to securing low interest rates on loans for their clients. A wholesale lender underwrites the loans for the brokers while providing a wonderful option for mortgage brokers who are looking to secure mortgage loans for their clients.

Most times, they offer great rates so that once the mortgage broker secures the loan from a wholesale lender and adds on their fee, the borrower is still getting the best rate available.

These lenders offer a wide range of home mortgages including, home equity loans, government loans and conventional loans. The borrower deals directly with the mortgage broker and will never meet the lender.

Midland Mortgage Corporation has a wholesale lending division that proudly serves South & North Carolina, Georgia, Virginia and Maryland. We will be happy to work with you to secure the best mortgage rates for your clients and help them to fulfill their dream of owning a new home.

For more information about wholesale lending contact the loan experts at Midland Mortgage Corporation at 803.765.1680 or toll–free at 800.854.9484.
Posted Jul 19, 2012 by Midland Mortgage Corporation