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What You Need to Get Started on the Refinancing Process

What You Need to Get Started on the Refinancing Process

Considering refinancing? You need some information.

What You Need to Get Started on the Refinancing Process

The turbulence of the economy has forced many people to reassess their finances in a big way. The rates and prices of the past may no longer be sustainable in your current financial situation, or you may stand to gain from potential savings that have recently become available.

Regardless of your motivation, if you are in a position to consider refinancing here are a few tips to help set you on a path for success.

1. Set Goals. If you are interested in refinancing your mortgage, you should set specific standards that will suit your financial parameters. Your mortgage rates may vary widely as you investigate the available options, and you need to be prepared to analyze each opportunity with a clear mindset. Determine your break-even point, consider closing costs and additional fees that might sweeten or sour a deal.

2. Do Your Research Thoroughly. Don’t get caught up in a deal that sounds too good to be true – chances are, it is. Be sensible. Don’t believe that there are “no closing costs”; try to keep all the charges up-front and visible, including interest rates.

3. Time Sensitive. Swapping in your mortgage for a smaller one will greatly reduce your debt and alleviate some of the financial burden you’ve incurred. You won’t walk away with immediate cash in hand; actually the opposite. But you will have eliminated a significant part of your expenses in the long run. Be aware of the time limit on these opportunities as the market is always changing.

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Posted Sep 05, 2013 by Midland Mortgage Corporation