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The ABC's of First Time Buyer Incentives

The ABC's of First Time Buyer Incentives

First time buyer incentives make loans more affordable for applicants.

The ABC's of First Time Buyer Incentives
Loan incentives are essential to the economy as first time buyers struggled to afford or qualify for loans. Because of the recent real estate turbulence, home prices were higher than ever and qualifying for loans was correspondingly more difficult.

Homebuyer programs were created to make the process of finding and qualifying for affordable loans more realistic, and have been an essential resource for many people in
recent years. Now that market prices have stabilized, it’s an even better time to take advantage of first time buyer incentives.

Federal Programs

National programs organized and funded by the government provide a variety of incentives, from tax rebates to discounted interest rates on mortgages. These first time buyer incentives are designed to infuse the housing market with more activity and revitalize the real estate economy.

State and Local

If you haven’t had success with national incentives or missed the deadline on federal first time buyer programs, state governments also offer viable assistance options. If you are a prospective homebuyer, just remember that this market is an opportunity to buy with low mortgage rates, government incentives, and depressed home values.

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Posted Mar 13, 2014 by Midland Mortgage Corporation