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The 3 Major Responsibilities of Your Loan Officer

The 3 Major Responsibilities of Your Loan Officer

Loan officers can save the day with their insight and experience.

Loan Officers
Loan officers have the knowledge you need and they are looking to help you make an informed decision. The real issue might be deciding how much of their expertise can you rely on and you might even not be sure why you should partner with a loan officer.

1. Applications Coach

A loan officer is on hand to facilitate your application process, review your materials, and provide feedback on questions you might have before submitting everything for approval. They can be an important resource, especially for inexperienced or first-time applicants. The approval rate of applications with a participating loan officer is typically higher than for applicants choosing to go it alone.

2. Minimize Errors

One of the virtues of a loan officer is their ability to help you get your application right the first time. Just by meeting for consultation with a loan officer, you minimize your chances of messing up an important part of the process; and the importance of accuracy can’t be over emphasized in this context.

3. Loan Customization

Not all loans are created equal. Loan officers are there to walk you through all your options and outline the details of each potential lending option. Getting a loan that fits your budget can drastically change the likelihood of approval as well as your long-term mortgage experience.

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Posted Aug 21, 2014 by Midland Mortgage Corporation