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Mortgage Lenders - Find your lender today

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6 important questions to ask mortgage lenders before you pick one.

Finding the right mortgage lender for your new home purchase is an important part of homeownership. Finding the right lender will help make the process easier, and save you time and money. Here are six questions you should ask when searching for a mortgage lender.

1. How accessible are they? Consider how accessible the mortgage company is, how long does it take them to respond to your inquiries? If they take a while to respond to your phone calls or emails, you may want to consider another company.
2. Are they a part of the Better Business Bureau, or what are their affiliations? Check to see what groups the company is affiliated with.
3. Are the loan officers licensed? It is a good idea to use licensed, professional loan officers.
4. What are their terms & conditions? It’s important to understand what their terms and conditions are, and request them in writing. Different mortgage lenders have different terms and conditions, so shop around and compare.
5. What are the fees & closing costs? Ask for a list of all of the fees, and closing costs you will need to pay, again this may vary from lender to lender.
6. What are their requirements? Different lenders have different requirements to meet. Just because, you are approved with one lender, doesn’t guarantee approval with another.

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Posted Nov 29, 2012 by Midland Mortgage Corporation