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Looking for a Home Lenders Mortgage? Here's a Good Start on the Info You'll Need to Gather

Looking for a Home Lenders Mortgage? Here's a Good Start on the Info You'll Need to Gather

When applying for a home lenders mortgage, it is important to gather the necessary information before you being the application process.

looking for a home lenders mortgage? here's a good start on the info you'll need to gather

There are several things you will need to provide for your home lenders mortgage, and these documents are relatively easy to obtain. It's a wise idea to obtain records for at least the last twelve months so you can show a steady history to the lender.

• Income: The most important information to gather is your proof of income, so you can show the lender that you can afford the payments on your mortgage. Pay stubs from your employer are imperative. If you have any other type of income, such as investments, part-time employment, royalties or any other revenue, you should obtain this information as well.

• Lease or Rental Information: A copy of your current lease or rental agreement, along with proof of payment is another important piece of information to provide to the prospective lender.

• Credit Report: Your home mortgage lender will request a copy of your credit report for themselves. However, you should also obtain a copy of this report, so you can address any issues or negative entries on your credit file.

• VA Documentation:
If you have served in the military and are eligible for home buyer's benefits from the Department of Veteran's Affairs, you should have copies of your military service records, to include your DD214. You should also obtain your loan Certificate of Eligibility from the VA.

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Posted Apr 04, 2013 by Midland Mortgage Corporation