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How to Take Advantage of First Time Buyer Incentives

How to Take Advantage of First Time Buyer Incentives

First-time buyer incentives can mean the difference between getting a home and losing a home.

How to Take Advantage of First Time Buyer Incentives

It can be difficult to make that initial leap for buyers seeking their first home. The good news is that there are plenty of resources available to help young families, couples, and individual buyers that are in need of financial assistance. The best way to make a smart purchase is to be aware of your options and get as much help as you can while it’s available.

1. Know the market. As a beast that’s always changing, the real estate market can be very fickle. Trying to predict what it will do is impossible, but being aware of the direction it’s taking is both prudent and necessary. Research the incentives being offered and how long they will be valid so you have a realistic time frame in which to make a decision.

2. State and Federal. When it comes to buyer incentives, there are two major players: state and federal loan programs. Knowing what both programs offer will give you twice the opportunity to take advantage of the available resources. While the federal programs don’t back loans directly like state ones, they do insure them. FHA loans also have less stringent credit requirements and are therefore easier to qualify for.

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Posted Jan 16, 2014 by Midland Mortgage Corporation