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How Do I Know When I should Refinance my Mortgage Loan?

How Do I Know When I should Refinance my Mortgage Loan?

For most people, a house is the most valuable and expensive asset that they will purchase over the course of their lives. People who have purchased a house before know that most people pay this mortgage off over a period of 15 or 30 years with a set interest rate. Over time, this interest rate for other loans will change with the economic conditions, and people might be interested in refinancing their mortgage to earn a better interest rate. How do people know when to refinance? Check out some of the reasons below.

Refinance for a Lower Interest Rate

Most people remember hearing about the housing collapse several years ago and the low interest rates on mortgages that followed. Many people refinanced their mortgages during this time and secured a lower interest rate. Refinance if there is an opportunity for a lower interest rate.

Refinance to Change the Term of the Loan

Over time, people's financial statuses might change due to a change in a career path or a solid investment plan. People might be interested in changing the period where they pay off their loan. Midland Mortgage can help discuss a change in the mortgage's period.

Refinance to Switch Between Adjustable and Fixed Rate Mortgages

For those who don't know, an adjustable rate mortgage has an interest rate that changes over time in accordance with the economy. A fixed rate mortgage has a set interest rate. Some people might be interested in switching between these two plans and can refinance to do so.

Contact Midland Mortgage to Refinance Today

Many people still have questions regarding the refinancing process and this is normal. Contact Midland Mortgage today to schedule an appointment for more information on refinancing.

Posted Jan 25, 2017 by Midland Mortgage Corporation