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How Do I Apply for my VA Loan?

How Do I Apply for my VA Loan?

Mortgage loan programs are supposed to simplify the loan process, not make it more complicated.

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A variety of mortgage loan programs are available for applicants based on income, credit history, and other financial factors. The key to successfully applying for any home loan program is getting familiar with the prerequisites. Once you are sure you qualify for the financial program in question, you can begin a successful application process.

The VA loan is specifically designed for qualified veterans. In addition to service in the military, applicants must meet credit standards, certain income requirements, and fill out a certificate of eligibility for the loan money. This certificate will verify that candidates meet the minimum active duty requirements during their service terms. These steps are crucial to beginning the application process for a VA loan.

Getting approved for a VA loan can drastically change the landscape for many aspiring homeowners. These financial plans can be used to buy a home, build a home, buy and remodel a home, or make energy efficiency improvements. Your loan purpose (whatever the granted money will be used for) has to fit into the parameters of these credible projects.

Once you have all these boxes checked, you can really begin compiling the paperwork and get the ball rolling on your application. When presenting your credit and financial information, you should be able to demonstrate your income is enough to cover the expenses of owning a home and make regular payments. It’s also best if your debt history is indicative of someone responsible and accountable.

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Posted May 05, 2015 by Midland Mortgage Corporation