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How Do I Apply for a Mortgage?

How Do I Apply for a Mortgage?

Mortgage applications might seem like the beginning of your home loan process, but there is considerable prep work to do before you ever put pen to paper (or finger to keyboard!).

Mortgage Application

Mortgage applications are a how you make an official request for financing. If you know how to work with the system, you can stay ahead of the curve and increase your chances of approval.

Applying for a mortgage demands that you take careful consideration of your financial standing. This means going over the profile you’ll be bringing to the lending table and understanding how a lender will view your borrowing credit profile at first glance. Some other steps to take as you prepare for your mortgage application:

  1. Get acquainted with your credit score. Learn the different components of what determines your financial credibility. Factors such as income, debt, and expenses all play a part in assembling your financial identity.
  2. Ask the question, “What kind of mortgage can I afford?” You don’t have pristine credit; this doesn’t automatically disqualify you from locking down a reasonable home loan. One of the best application prep exercises is finding out what price bracket you fit into, and what sort of loan you can afford. This will make the process of looking for your first home much simpler and efficient.
  3. Look into getting pre-approved. This isn’t necessarily a must-do, but getting pre-approved can provide peace of mind to first time borrowers. It can also be a great way to dive into the mortgage world without incurring any risk to your credit profile. Getting rejected for a loan doesn’t look great, but getting a pre-approval is essentially like asking about an estimate on what you qualify for.

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Posted Feb 19, 2015 by Midland Mortgage Corporation