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First-Time Buyer Incentives - A Basic Guide

First-Time Buyer Incentives - A Basic Guide

First-time buyer incentives for loans

First-Time Buyer Incentives - A Basic Guide

Trying to buy your first home can be a dizzying experience. Above all, many of us have tremendous difficulty in scraping together the money needed for a down payment. Thankfully, there are a number of first-time buyer incentives available to help ease the burden of the down payment.

Here are some pointers for first-time buyer incentives, particularly grants:

• Choose your lender first - Government first-time home buyer grants require that you apply through a lending institution first. Find yourself a good bank or mortgage company before even starting to look for grants.

• Apply early - Many government first time home buyer grants run through their funding quickly, forcing you to wait months before a given program gets its funding renewed. Avoid that risk by searching for a variety of grants and applying early.

• Consider going green - There are many different kinds of government grants beyond first-time buyer incentives. Green building and energy efficiency grants can be a very attractive option if you plan to build a more environmentally friendly home.

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Posted Jun 27, 2013 by Midland Mortgage Corporation