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Can a Mortgage Banker Help Me Close on My Loan Faster?

Can a Mortgage Banker Help Me Close on My Loan Faster?

Let’s start here: not all mortgage bankers are created equal. Some are excellent at what they do and care deeply for each and every customer. Others? Not so much.

However, we’re going to assume you’ve found a good one. The description that follows covers the types of activities a good mortgage banker will do to ensure you get to closing as fast as possible:

They Prep You for the Process

Buying a home isn’t like tying your shoelaces; you just don’t do it every day. As a result, you may not know what to expect throughout the process. From signing papers to gathering documentation, there are a number of steps to complete as you go. And when it comes to documentation, there’s almost no end to what a mortgage underwriter may demand.

However, the best mortgage bankers know their underwriters well. They also know what to expect from them regarding process and requests, and they prep their clients accordingly. If certain documents take a while to obtain or arrive, you’ll have had weeks of advance notice to start gathering them up.

They Are On Your Side

If your mortgage doesn’t go through, it’s likely your mortgage banker won’t get paid. As a result, they have every motivation to get you through your closing as quickly and easily as possible.

They Can Spot the Mistakes

Even something as simple as a missing middle initial or transposed number can set a closing back weeks. Your mortgage banker will review the documents ahead of time, ensuring everything is accurate and up to date before you sign. It’s a weight off your shoulders and just another reason you want an experienced professional guiding you through the lending and closing process.

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Posted Jun 22, 2016 by Midland Mortgage Corporation