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A Guide to Making the Most of Veterans Mortgage Programs

A Guide to Making the Most of Veterans Mortgage Programs

Veteran mortgage loans are there to give back to those who deserve it most.

Veteran Mortgage Loans

Veteran mortgage loans are designed to offer an incentive for military members looking to purchase a primary residence. Here’s how you can make the most of these opportunities:

No Down Payment

This is one of the primary benefits when it comes to veteran mortgage programs. Taking a down payment out of the equation can have an enormous impact on financing decisions, and might be the determining factor between being able to afford a home or not. Removing the burden of a down payment can facilitate the purchasing process for veterans and military personnel who might not otherwise be able to buy a home.

Competitive Interest Rate

Many mortgage loan candidates are not in a position to negotiate their interest rates with much flexibility. Interest rates tend to determine the long-term feasibility of a loan, so this is an important benefit to keep in mind when considering the veterans mortgage program. The financial outlook for many prospective homeowners can be uncertain, so stabilizing these loans with the security of a set interest rate is very appealing.

Financial Assistance

If a veteran program candidate encounters financial default at any point throughout the loan process, they will likely qualify for assistance to alleviate temporary financial difficulty. This leniency makes signing for a mortgage loan less intimidating. Knowing there will be resources available should the worst-case scenario unfold is a huge security factor for many veterans and military families.

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Posted Dec 11, 2014 by Midland Mortgage Corporation