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3 Ways a Mortgage Banker Can Be an Invaluable Asset

3 Ways a Mortgage Banker Can Be an Invaluable Asset

Did you know mortgage bankers can be your secret weapons if you know how to take advantage of them?

Homeowners Meeting with a Mortgage Banker

Mortgage bankers fund mortgages. More than likely, you will have to tango with these organizations if you want to purchase a new home. That’s why learning about how they operate and how you can get the most benefit from them is essential to a smooth application and approval process.

Mortgage Bankers Explained

There are two options when you set out to finance a loan. You will end of borrowing the money from a mortgage banker or a mortgage broker. Mortgage bankers sell a variety of products, different types of loans from multiple sources. You will get unbiased advice on the best loan to choose because these bankers get paid no matter where you take your business.

Mortgage brokers are in the game to sell their own products and work for a commission off your purchase. If that’s not enough of a reason to go with a mortgage banker, here are a few more pros:

1. Mortgage Bankers Have Big Money.

One typical benefit of taking your business to a well-known mortgage banker is that you can find deals with well-known brand names. Larger organizations have more money to throw around and generally have better promotional offers than competitors. You can fly under the radar of typical market rates and get a better deal.

2. Enjoy Flexible Income Qualifications.

Successful mortgage bankers generally stipulate a median income that applicants must fall below. This makes these bankers a great option for prospective first-time buyers and lower income brackets.

3. Higher Approval Ratings.

Representatives of big mortgage bankers generally have more clout in getting loans approved. They are part of a larger organization and have the resources to prove it. Small mortgage lenders may not be able to provide as many options; for instance, mortgage bankers can option your loan to another institution if it doesn’t get approved the first time.

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Posted Oct 28, 2015 by Midland Mortgage Corporation