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3 Tricks to Finding a Loan Officer You Like

3 Tricks to Finding a Loan Officer You Like

What you find with a loan officer you like might just make for one of the happiest business relationships you've ever had.

Finding a Loan Officer

The right loan officer makes all the difference. Someone who is knowledgeable and honest can make obtaining the loan you are looking for so much easier. So the question is, how do you find the right loan officer for you?

1. Start Asking Questions Early

The goal here is to be upfront and ask a lot of questions. As you learn everything you can about the process and your application, you will begin to see if your loan officer is someone you can work with through the entire process. Financial situations are complex, so it is important to find an officer you can trust and are comfortable with to get you the loan that you want.

2. Make Sure You Understand Fees and Closing Costs

Working closely with a loan officer you trust, can help you avoid unexpected fees or closing costs that might otherwise surprise you. It's best to bring these up right away, to ensure you are aware as well as take the chance to gauge the character of your loan officer. You need someone who will be upfront about the nitty-gritty and not leave you with unexpected fees at the end of negotiations.

3. Look for Someone With Experience

How long has your loan officer been in the business? What is their focus and specific level of experience assisting previous clients? These are both important questions. Having a loan officer that knows how to navigate the minutiae of financial situations will allow you to breathe easier.

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Posted Dec 18, 2014 by Midland Mortgage Corporation