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3 Common Fears About New Construction Home Loans

3 Common Fears About New Construction Home Loans

Does the thought of a new construction loan loan shake you to your shoes? No worries, we got you covered! Our experts at Midland Mortgage will shed light on three common fears that new homebuyers have about construction loans.

1. "I'm concerned about unpredictable payments."

A lot of folks worry about the headaches of having two separate interest rates, payments, and closings on their construction loan and home mortgage. But did you know you can combine them? At Midland Mortgage, we'll help you get the payment plan you want...without surprises.

2. "How do I know if the construction contract is good?"

If contracts look like Greek to you, remember that a good contract will always be clear and simple to understand. It's a written agreement between two or more people or parties to do certain things. For a construction contract, you'll want to look for an itemized list of costs and a compatible payment method. You'll also want a clear explanation of responsibilities from each party involved.

3. "What if the timetable is too fast for me?"

South Carolina new construction loans have infamous reputations for fast timetables. But fear not! Midland Mortgage has several options at your disposal so you can plan with your builder the way you want it done.

Your Trusted Partner in all of Life's Uncertainties

If you've always wanted to build your dream home, it’s time to conquer your fears! Contact us for a Midland Mortgage new construction loan, and we’ll help you get started. Our experts help navigate our customers through choppy real estate waters for a safe landing to their dream home. We look forward to working with you!

Posted Aug 08, 2019 by Midland Mortgage Corporation