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Finance Investment Properties with Help from Midland Mortgage Corporation

Get the financing you need to add investment properties to your portfolio.

Buying investment property has been an uphill battle since the real estate crash. Too many people lost multiple properties, a circumstance that contributed heavily to falling real estate prices and mass defaults. You’ll face special challenges if you’re looking to buy for rental purposes. Thankfully, Midland Mortgage Corporation can help you meet those guidelines so you can qualify for the very best loans to fit your investment strategy.

The Biggest Investment Lending Obstacles

The real estate industry has learned a few lessons in the past 10 years. Notably, they’re careful to avoid over-extended credit. It’s difficult for people to get a home loan. Securing a mortgage meant for investing is particularly difficult – and you’ll need to be prepared to face higher interest rates.

Without help from a residential mortgage specialist, chances are you’ll either fail to secure the financing you need, or you’ll wind up paying much more than necessary. Let Midland Mortgage Corporation help you secure the funding you need. We know the current market inside and out and have recent experience with investment property mortgages.

Lenders today have three major concerns when it comes to investment properties:
  • Your financial reserves
  • Your investment plans
  • Your credit score

We can help you manage all three to boost your chances of being approved. Ask us which lending programs are best for your project.

Financial Reserves Needed for an Investment Loan

Don’t make the mistake of thinking you’ll only need 20% down to secure a loan on a rental property. Lenders care about more than your down payment. They’ll want to see you have 6 – 9 months’ worth of expenses in savings to cover each of your properties. If you’re in need of an exception, work with one of our mortgage counselors to discuss your viable options.

Best Loans Depending on Your Investment Plans

For investors who are building, you may qualify for short-term construction perm loans. The market has never had a wider range of legitimate financing available. All you need is a guide to safely navigate them.

Boosting Your Credit Score to Secure Low Interest Rates

The best rates are reserved for those with credit scores of 740 and higher. Midland Mortgage Corporation can help you increase your credit score, as well as source loans for those with less than exemplary credit.

Buying real estate is more complicated than ever before, so it pays to work with a loan expert. We have the experience to point you in the best direction for your property and earning plans. Get in touch with one of our investment property specialists before you fill out a loan application.

Midland Mortgage Corporation has access to funding programs perfect for every homeowner, even those in trouble. We can help you turn your problems around quickly and easily with a HARP loan. Contact us today for more information.