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Midland Mortgage, a pioneer in the residential mortgage industry, has helped thousands of home buyers make home ownership possible, for over 30 years. Employing a skilled staff of knowledgeable loan officers, Midland Mortgage can help you find the perfect loan for your needs. Our loan officers possess a wide variety of lending specialties and each relies on years of experience to help you purchase your home as quickly and simply as possible.

At Midland Mortgage, we are strongly committed to providing our clients with prompt, personal service. We proudly offer our clients an incomparable variety of loan programs with the most competitive rates available. If you’re buying, building, refinancing, renovating, or are a first time homebuyer – Midland Mortgage can make it possible for you! Best of all, it’s easy to get started today! Learn more about all of our mortgage loan programs or simply begin filling out an online mortgage application.

Mortgage News

Buying A House as An Unmarried Couple - 3 Things You Should Know  

Instead of expensive weddings and exotic honeymoons, couples today are instead choosing to use their money to  buy a home. In fact, about one out of every four couples that bought a home together last year, did so before they were married. Here are some things to consider when thinking of buying a home with your fiancé or partner. 

Can You Get a Cosigner For A Mortgage?

After searching for months, you've finally found the perfect home. The problem is that you're having a difficult time qualifying for a mortgage. Should you just wait to buy? No, not necessarily. Doing so might mean that you will miss out on getting a good deal on the perfect home. 

The Honest Guide to Getting a Mortgage After Filing For Bankruptcy

If you've been forced to file for bankruptcy, you may think that you'll never be able to get a home loan. While bankruptcy certainly affects your credit rating and may make potential lenders wary about underwriting a home loan, your ability to secure that home loan will improve as you recover from bankruptcy. How soon depends on the type of bankruptcy you filed, whether a foreclosure was involved in the bankruptcy suit and your actions after the bankruptcy.